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Enhancing the vitality of global economies via Israel Innovations and empowering entrepreneurs

innovators, global markets, academia and businesses worldwide.


Meet, partner, invest, purchase, license and collaborate with some of the latest innovative companies and technologies from Israel. Companies and startups from a wide variety of industries including autonomous, automotive technologies, water-tech, UAV, safe-city, social, mobile, cyber security, IoT, healthcare, smart-city, energy and security, amongst others.


Globalize innovations and collaborations amongst Israel and the world. The Expo is a multi regional conference featuring Israel latest innovations and solutions. The Summit will give rise to insightful discussions, focused on M&A, cross-border investment, venture capital, education and asset management.

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By attending and exhibiting at the expo you are subject to expo rules and terms listed in our website.This is not an offer to buy or sell securities. All applicants are subject to due diligence and review.