Israeli Startups worldwide - Have a business that you are growing? Join us. Participate and get access to the resources and help to accelerate and advance your mission. All entrepreneurs are welcome. Featured companies will have technologies and innovation in the areas of Applied Blockchain Solutions, Decentralized Finance “DeFi”, and Digital Transformation with a concentration in Smart Cities, Smart Transportation, Energy, IoT, TeleMedicine, Healthcare, wellness, medical and scientific innovation. Cyber Security, Mobile, A.I., Medical Devices, Covid, and Enterprise Applications. All levels of company growth and performance will be included from early-stage to late-stage to benefit. A yearly subscription of $500 provide access to expo worldwide affiliates and strategic-partners.

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Virtual Israel International Innovation Expo
A Convergence of Thinkers and Doers including Entrepreneurs, Experts, and Investors in Israel Innovation, Health, Energy, Finance, and Cyber. Digital Transformation is radically changing how organizations leverage their customer networks; build sustainable; transform data into assets; innovate.
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