The Israel International Innovation Expo showcases the next generation of Israeli innovations and products in a cross-border event hosted annually in the United States. The Expo gives rise to the latest innovations and technologies, insightful discussions, with a focus on cross-border partnerships and investments.


The Expo brings together a diverse and dynamic ecosystem of leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, influencers, luminaries, public servants and academics to provide insight into Israel innovations, multi-nations collaborations and global betterment. 

Meet, partner, invest, purchase, license, learn and collaborate with some of the latest innovations and technologies from Israel. Our startup environment represents a wide variety of industries including autonomous vehicles, blockchain, fintech, IoT, SaaS, IT, MedTech, telecom, water-tech, UAV, safe-city, social, mobile, cyber security, healthcare, smart-city, clean and renewable energy, public safety and many more.

The Expo produces economic and partnership opportunities, investments, jobs, internship, educational and collaboration among all participants. The Expo serves as a commerce and educational portal allowing both attendees and exhibitors along with other partners the opportunity to exchange ideas and conduct business. Our expo affiliates include Israeli, United States and Mexico. Public Servants, key luminaries, innovators, investors, government officials, business owners, executives and media. Participants may benefit from the diverse ecosystem.   


Founded by a Group of Volunteers in the U.S and Israel to support Innovation, Education and Collaboration amongst Israel and global markets. The Israel Innovation Expo Advisory Board comprised of recognized leaders in several industries and key technology market sectors. 

Mr. Selwyn Isakow
Oxford Inv. Group
Mr. Barry Schochet
Volt Energy
Pacifica BB
Pacifica BB
Mr. Selwyn Gerber
Gerber Co.
Mr. A.J. Ripin
A.J. Ripin focuses on catalyzing growth, investment and access to capital in U.S. and Global Markets. In his role at Merging Traffic, he overseas company operations, interacts with portfolio companies, and facilitates public/private partnerships. A.J. serves as Director, Florida Opportunity Fund, a Florida focused venture capital fund backed by the State, which invests in technology businesses and other venture capital funds. He is Cofounder and Director, Global Blockchain Initiatives.
Mr. Sam Greenblatt
Nano Global
Mr. Mitch Danzig
Mr. YomTob Sabah
Aqua Index
Dr. Mitchell Shack
Mr. Arthur Lipper
Rex Royalties
Mr. Amos Talmor
Israel Rep.
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By attending the expo  (physically - virtually) you are subject to Rules & Conditions listed in our website.This is not an offer to buy or sell securities. All Applicants are subject to due diligence and review. Exhibitors, Speakers, Agenda, Schedule and Expo dates are subject to change without notice. Updates will be posted on our website accordingly.  

Mr. Arthur Lipper

Rex Royalties