The 2020 Israel International Innovation Expo is a unique opportunity to partner and collaborate with innovators and investors from Israel, United States and Mexico. Our virtual expo will expose 40 startups to venture capital, private equity, investment banks, business leaders and innovators. 

Represented Startups:

  • Blockchain Enabled Verticals

  • Enterprise Transformation

  • Strategic Blockchain

  • Media, Entertainment, & Education

  • IoT - Internet of Things

  • MedTech

  • Deep Space

  • Cyber Security

  • IT

  • Health (Life Sciences & Medical Devices)

  • Augmented Reality - Virtual Reality

  • Medical Devices


The Virtual Expo provides:

  • A premier online venue to network with community and industry leaders 

  • A place to meet face-to-face with qualified leaders, startups and investors

  • An opportunity to showcase products and services and launch new innovations

  • Private meetings

  • Assistance with relocation of startups in the United States

  • Marketing, advertising and business development partnerships

  • Access to past and current affiliates in San Diego, Los Angeles, Surfside, NY, Miami, Mexico, China, India & Israel

Virtual Expo Israel Innovation Expo 2020
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