Expo Welcomes State of Florida Venture Capitalist Multiple Funds $130M+ To Israel 

The Israel Innovation Expo Hosting Program for Startups Interested in Raising Capital. Reserve Today 

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The Israel Innovation Expo Hosting Program for startups Interested in Raising capital.


Welcoming the world’s most promising companies into our capital formation ecosystem.


Join our capital formation ecosystem where portfolio companies have gone on to raise millions of dollars in capital. Our innovation venture  community represents a dynamic collection of highly accomplished business and technology leaders. We hand select and work alongside thinkers and innovators involved in purposeful and disruptive endeavors. We custom designs our programs to the needs of each company. Let’s explore how we can learn, grow and prosper together.


We are inviting startups looking to raise capital to join us in Tel Aviv on September 11, 2019 and in Jerusalem on September 12, 2019.


All companies are welcome . Applied Blockchain Solutions ; Medical Technologies ; Augmented Reality ; Virtual Reality ; Financial Technologies ; Cyber Security ; Tourism ; Defense ; Agriculture Technologies.

  1. Early Stage Research and Development: Seeking companies at the pre-MVP (minimum viable product) stage get the support they need to produce an MVP, provide business advisory services, and connect with U.S. ecosystem of university partners and grant opportunities.

  2. MVP or Product: Companies with an MVP/product with customers and $1 million in revenue: raise the capital needed to take your business to the next step. Ideal for companies seeking up to $1 million in capital.

  3. Ready to Scale: Companies needing more capital, our capital formation engine can explore raises up to $50 million. We are interested in helping companies with proven business models scale and expand globally.



The Israel Innovation Expo vetting seminar will take place on September 11 & 12. The exact location in Tel Aviv &  Jerusalem will be sent to registered companies only. Registration is deadline is by SEPTEMBER 3, 2109 - Please register your company below.  


About the Israel Innovation Expo and Conference:

The Israel Innovation Expo and Conference is a showcase of the next generation of Israeli innovation and products in the U.S and Mexico. The summit gives rise to the latest innovations and technologies, insightful discussions, focused on M&A, cross-border investment, venture capital, asset management, and education.


About the Organizers:

The Expo team is instrumental in fostering positive U.S - Israeli - Mexico and global markets relationships through innovations, commerce and education. Team is comprised of several board of directors in San Diego and Jewish organizations. During their 30 years in the U.S., the Expo team are focused on enhancing the vitality of global economies via Innovations. 


Expo Strategic-Partner: Mr. A.J. 

A.J. is an entrepreneur, strategic thinker, runner, technologist, deal-maker, catalyst, connector, and author. A.J. participates in many organizations and serves on multiple board of directors, such as: The Florida Opportunity Fund; Blockchain Innovation Village; Merging Traffic, Inc.; Global Blockchain Ventures; and StartUp Nation Ventures.


Media Contact: isinexpo@gmail.com


This is not an offer to buy or sell securities. All applicants are subject to due diligence and review.

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By attending and exhibiting at the expo you are subject to expo rules and terms listed in our website.

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